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Modern Binary Reverse-Engineering with node.js, for Elm, or Why We Really Need Elm Playgrounds

Generating Functional Parsers

Mastering Functional JavaScript Lecture Slides

GWT + mvp4g Lecture Slides

LimeJS: Writing a cross-platform game in HTML5 with touch support

3 Tiny JavaScript Snippets

Modelling a Solar System in Fluxus

Sandwitch Tumblr Theme

Easy as Sandwich: Blog Engine in JavaScript and XML

Way of the Rainbow: Fingers Motion Detection Algorythm Based on a Colors Differentiation (Driven by LISP)

Fluxus — Prototyping OpenGL graphics and games on-the-fly (add Scheme to taste)

Ant JUnit Nice Output Formatter

10 Useful Solutions for Android Developer

Google Wave Client as Java Web Application

[g]Vim in Python mode : Recompilation in Windows

Redeploying an Application to Tomcat with Ant

OOP & JavaScript

16 Practical Solutions for Javascript

Occasional Textpattern Bug

Eric IDE 4.0.1 in Ubuntu 7.04

SATA, DMA and Ubuntu strange things


PHP and UTF-8 (Unicode) - A funny thing for a half of a day

JSP Custom Tags

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