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SATA, DMA and Ubuntu strange things

Today we’ve made an installation of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS to SATA hard drive. And it have failed in angriness, so strange. Live CD tried to mount this HD eventually long and finally mounted it, seems, but in the end, while running the kernel, it started spitting out with buffer I/O Read Error and so on.

The decision was found when I’ve combined the advices from two forums:

In BIOS, the way of working with SATA I’ve set to Enhanced (it is something messed with SATA/PATA, and try to play with channels if something will go wrong; at the worst, if you have two SATA-harddrives, disable one for a try)

And then in the boot screen of Live CD I’ve pressed Escape button (that switches to text mode) and typed

boot: live pci ide=nodma ide=reverse

(without taking into account the fact that I’ve tried a lot of different commands)

Now Ubuntu works as a cute one. Except…

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